Memories vague  and  uncertain, part forgotten, fragmented , contaminated,  not real  ; likened  to the erosion of landscape,a slow deterioration over time.

I use the genre of landscape to portray this happening , the resulting experimental paintings create the essence of  another space , something almost lost, familiar yet elusive,  indefinite but identifiable, like pareidolia , slipping between reality and fantasy.

Honours  degree in Fine  Arts in the National  College of Art and  Design.

The Office of Public Works purchased ” Soft Day” for the Irish State Art Collection.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade , purchased ” Emigrant” for their Irish State Art Collection, selected for the residence of the Irish Ambassador to London .

Paintings hang in private collections.

Email : fergussmith.62@gmail.com

Phone:  0871690227

Instagram: fergusart



Fergus Smith – Painter

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