Memories  vague  and  uncertain, part forgotten, contaminated,  not real  ; likened  to the erosion of landscape,a slow deterioration over time.

I use the genre of landscape to portray this happening , the resulting experimental paintings create the essence of  another space , something almost lost, familiar yet elusive,  indefinite but identifiable, like pareidolia , slipping between reality and fantasy.

Painting  pouring brushes knives,

sponges  rags  whatever applies,

removing  paint to redo,

linking layers the painting through,

 underpainting part exposed,

like memories partly decomposed,

another  link to time or place,

an eroded shoreline or  mountain space,

 what was,  what is, what might have been

within the paintings, is that theme.

Honours  degree in Fine  Arts in the National  College of Art and  Design.

The Office of Public Works purchased ” Soft Day” for the Irish State Art Collection.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade , purchased ” Emigrant” for their Irish State Art Collection, selected for the residence of the Irish Ambassador to London .

Paintings hang in private collections.

Email : fergussmith.62@gmail.com

Phone:  0871690227




Fergus Smith – Painter

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