Memories vague  and  uncertain, part forgotten, fragmented , contaminated, sometimes unreal  ; likened  to the erosion of landscape,a slow deterioration over time.

I use the genre of landscape to portray this happening , the resulting experimental paintings create the essence of  another space , something almost lost, familiar yet elusive,  indefinite but identifiable, like pareidolia , slipping between reality and fantasy.


Painter living  in Dublin , as a mature student returned to education.2012, St Dominic’s ,Fetac level 4  2013 attended Ballyfermot College on a portfolio course Fetac level 8 ,then in 2014 attended the National College of Art and Design , and achieved an Honours  Degree in Fine Art.

Sell out degree show in June 2017 with paintings acquired by:

The Office of Public Works purchased ” Soft Day” for the Irish State Art Collection.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade , purchased ” Emigrant” for their Irish State International Art Collection, selected for the residence of the Irish Ambassador to London .

And  private Collections.


Blank Canvas
This blank canvas has naught to say
this new beginning
a fresh foray ,
be it naked or gesso skinned
an oily coat
a painters whim,
some say it’s a cliff face to be scaled
a daunting task
to be assailed,
we walk away to recoup
clear the mind
flee the coop,
then not,
just another start
a passing wind.
untethered fart,
for all practitioners who do endure
that blank canvas
Can be a hoor.

Email : fergussmith.62@gmail.com

Phone:  0871690227

Instagram: fergusart

Fergus Smith – Painter

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