Irish painter, born and living in Dublin, Honours  Degree in Fine Art, Painting in N C A D 2017.

The  expressionist work speaks of  the erosion   of the landscape ,  likened  to memory loss through old age or illness. Like the eroding landscape that’s ever changing,   memories become uncertain, part remembered, changed , altered , slowly deteriorating over time  . I use the genre of landscape to express this theme ,using a pouring technique to begin with, followed on with knives and brushwork. The resulting artworks imply something familiar yet elusive, indefinite yet identifiable. The pouring aspect lends to other spaces, unusual but recognisable shapes , and patterns  creating a sense of pareidolia.

The realist paintings became a more common part of my website, during the Coronavirus lockdown. I escaped via a virtual tour of Ireland  using source materials like photographs , found images ,and memories I mainly use brushes, sponges and knives to produce these  artworks.

Ode to painting

Working On It

Painting pouring brushes knives

Sponges rags whatever applies

Removing paint to redo

Linking layers the painting through,

Underpainting part exposed

Like memories partly decomposed

Another link to time or place

An eroded shoreline or mountain space

what was, what is what might have been

within the paintings

Is the theme.

Blank Canvas
This blank canvas has naught to say
this new beginning
a fresh foray ,
be it naked or gesso skinned
an oily coat
a painters whim,
some say it’s a cliff face to be scaled
a daunting task
to be assailed,
we walk away to recoup
clear the mind
flee the coop,
then not,
just another start
a passing wind.
untethered fart,
for all practitioners who do endure
that blank canvas
Can be a hoor.

Email : fergussmith.62@gmail.com

Phone:  0871690227

Instagram: fergusart

Fergus Smith – Painter

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