IMG_20190322_073601Fergus Smith, Turmoil, 2019, 2020 , oil on canvas, 53 x 79cm.

Speaks of the frustration and confusion of memory loss. 

Photographed at the Rua Red Winter Open Exhibition 2019/ 2020 ,Group Show 20 December , 2019 – 24 January 2020


New Work


Fergus Smith, 2020, Absence of Dreams, oil on canvas, 25 x 35 cm.

Inspired by old buildings left to decay,  the hopes and dreams at the time of building, lost and  forgotten and fading to dust. 




The Stacks 1, 2021,oil on linen, 25 x 35 cm.

Series of 5 paintings giving different views of the Poolbeg Chimney Stacks with the old changing rooms on the seafront, inspired by recent speculation of dismantling the Stacks.

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