Fergus Smith, Turmoil, 2019, 2020 , oil on canvas, 53 x 79cm.

Photographed at the Rua Red Winter Open Exhibition 2019/ 2020 ,Group Show 20 December , 2019 – 24 January 2020



Fergus Smith,  Soft Day, 2017 ,oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm.

Purchased by the Office of Public Works, June 20th, 2017, for the Irish State Art Collection .Photographed at the  O P W cross border exhibition  Rathfarnham Castle.


Fergus Smith, Emigrant, 2017,oil on canvas, 72 x 82 cm.

Photographed at the 2017 Degree Show ,NCAD , a sellout show on the opening night with further sales in the pursuing week.

Purchased June  21, 2017,by the Department of Foreign Affairs for their International State Art Collection , and selected for the Irish Ambassador’s residence in London.




Lockdown , coronavirus.

Fergus Smith , April ,2020, bringing sea scenes on our back garden wall, to keep our heads straight,wall  paint on garden wall , some acrylics.


Fergus Smith,Plan B , 1/5/2020, if Leo didn’t let us out. Wall paint on? Wall some acrylics



I made the sign of the cross today, in trampled grass,
till down it lay
in isolation I tramped it out,                                                                                                        these are lonely times, not a sinner about.

The corona virus is having its way, this invisible threat
in each worrying day.
statistics say, most will survive, but there’s so much loss
so many lives,

The news each day says it won’t last,                                                                                           and sometime soon, be a thing of the past ,                                                                                     like the trampled grass grows back to hide,                                                                                      the outline of my sign subsides,

but the hope’s still here , we’ll be together
in healing, in love and fairer weather,                                                                                            to shake hands and simply say hello                                                                                               or hug each other and not let go.

Fergus Smith

Ode to painting

Working On It

Painting pouring brushes knives

Sponges rags whatever applies

Removing paint to redo

Linking layers the painting through,

Underpainting part exposed

Like memories partly decomposed

Another link to time or place

An eroded shoreline or mountain space

what was what is what might have been

within the paintings

Is the theme.

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